The story behind our new brand identity

Casinolytics has become the home of live-streaming data and insights for the growing streaming landscape in the iGaming industry. Much thanks to all our customers that rely on our data to explore, monitor, and understand the live-streaming landscape of casino games. With our high ambitions for the future, we are launching a new brand identity and website to reflect us and our offering better. Which we, of course, hope that you like. Tag along, and we will tell you all about this change.

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We founded the company in October 2020, but we crafted our logo and brand identity way back in 2018. It was at a time when our quest to help people understand the live-streaming landscape was still on the drawing table.

We liked our old logo, and we want to thank it for supporting us and taking us to where we are now. But in a constantly changing world, we know that businesses must adapt to stay attractive and relevant. And being a B2B business, this is more important than ever.

Our old logo was good in some sense, but we felt that it lacked some essential ingredients to tell more about our story on who we are and where we want to take our brand. We are not all about data. We are more. Our core is being a value-driven company with a purpose to help people to understand the live-streaming landscape – by delivering data, insights, and our expertise.

The definition of why we did this

Change is good. Or is it? Brand persons, such as myself, tend to talk about iconic and timeless brands. Usually, when talking about these brands, Nike is one of the first brands people mention. For one reason, they haven’t changed their logo since the birth of the first computer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t change.

They do, and they are extremely good at it. Nike is constantly at the forefront of innovation to stay relevant, attractive, and continue being a loved brand and successful business. But one thing that they don’t change is their purpose of why they exist and how their purpose influences everything they do. Like us, except we have changed our logo now.

We know we are nowhere near Nike, but hey, you need to start somewhere, and the core reason for our existence is our purpose. The reason for our change is simply the fact that we wanted our new identity to reflect better who we are and illustrate the purpose of why we exist. Being purposeful doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be a multi-billion dollar brand. You could as well be a startup like us.

The different building blocks in the refreshed Casinolytics

Ever since we planted the very first seed of our company, our purpose has been clear from day one: To help people explore, monitor, and understand the live-streaming landscape and bring more transparency to the iGaming industry.

In our new logo, the C is our cornerstone – it reflects who we are, what we do, and our ambitions for tomorrow. While we look at our C, we remind ourselves every day of our mission and the purpose of why we exist.

The C is initially crafted from a circle, a data point, that also represents how data can be presented. Since we haven’t filled up the circle, we mean that we don’t stop here. Rather, we continue to constantly innovate to find new ways of helping people explore, monitor, and understand the live-streaming landscape. Further, the three smaller circles represent the three different values that we live by every day. They are in our logo for a reason since they mean everything to us:

  • We embrace new thinking. We welcome new thinking and crazy ideas. We are firm in our belief that looking at things from a different angle will ultimately spark passion, creativity, and innovation. It’s simply better to try than not to try. At the end of the day, we have a strong will always to improve things.
  • We respect everyone. We are transparent and fair in everything we do, whether we meet our customers, colleagues, or our office dog. We believe that the best relationships are based on genuinity to create mutual respect and trust.
  • We create fun. A prerequisite for success for our customers and us is that we don’t forget to have fun while working. We work hard, but we are playful at heart as people and as a brand.

With the new logo also comes a brighter, more vibrant color palette. With the new color palette, we want to bring more energy to Casinolytics to reflect better the brand that we strive to be. We also have made some changes to our fonts to represent a more uniform representation of our communication. It might be a small change, but we think it was necessary to communicate better.

Today marks the day of a new beginning where you will be witnessing our new look for the first time on our new website. It’s the same us, but with a new fresh identity we hope that it better reflects who we are, our values, and the purpose of why we exist.

So, welcome to Casinolytics. Again.

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