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Cubes 2 Slot by Hacksaw Gaming

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About Cubes 2

Cubes 2 slot by Hacksaw Gaming is the continuation of the studio's big hit game Cubes. Just as its predecessor, Cubes 2 is not what you would call a typical slot machine. After all, the reels on the grid don't really spin.

The game is a true testament to the minimalistic design approach to slots. However, it also shows how gameplay can be very interesting and immersive, even with the bare visual minimum applied.

To get a winning combo, a player needs to connect at least 5 color-matching cubes on the grid. Once this happens, the gaming area grows 1 cube in every direction, making a 5x5 grid to 7x7. The expansion will continue as long as consecutive wins happen or when the grid reaches 11x11 size.

In each corner of the starting grid, the cube is marked with X. When a winning cluster includes any of these cubes, the X will transform into a number of the symbols in this combination. The final win of the spin will be multiplied by this number.

There is also a 5 free spins bonus round with sticky symbols, Color Blast feature, and the grid that doesn't reset between spins. The second bonus round is Multi Color free spins which runs pretty much as the first one, just without the Color Blast feature.

Hacksaw Gaming again shows the talent for squeezing as much as possible out of a few minimal elements. Just look at this big win by casino streamer LetsGiveItASpin.

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