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Dead or Alive 2 Slot by NetEnt

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About Dead or Alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 slot by NetEnt (DOA2) is an absolut smash hit in the casino streaming community. Players will immediately recognize the feeling and high potential from the original Dead or Alive.

The high volatility, max win over 100.000x and the legendery 5 scatter 2500x win makes this a content creating machine and a worthy the name of the sequel of Dead or Alive. The game is a 5-reel, 3-row featuring Scatter wins, Wild Substitution, Sticky Wild and 3 Free Spins games: Old Saloon, High Noon Saloon and Train Heist. The High Noon Saloon is the bonus game to pick. Now you will get rewarded of hitting multiple wilds on the same reel adding 1x per wild. There are multiple DOA2 hightlights in the streaming community.

In October 2020, NetEnt upgraded the game with a Bonus Buy feature which players had been longing for. The quest for the famous wild line continues, now with a new shortcut.

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