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Dream Catcher by Evolution

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About Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming is a live casino game, first in the provider's Live Money Wheel gaming category.

Evolution took inspiration from the big mounted money wheels that you can see in some land-based casinos and added a modern twist to it for 24/7 live game show fun.

How to play Dream Catcher

The gameplay here is as simple as it can be. The host spins a wheel with 54 color-coded segments; 52 of those contain numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40, while two portions are Multipliers x2 and x7. You bet on the number that the wheel will stop at, and if you guess right, you will win a corresponding payout (ex. a winning bet on 5 pays 5 to 1, 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on).

You will notice a lot of yellow and blue on the wheel as those are the colors for numbers 1 and 2. There are 23 yellow, 15 blue, 7 purple (no. 5), 4 green (no. 10), 2 orange (no. 20), and one red segment for number 40, giving it the lowest probability rate.

The two black Multiplier positions (2x and 7x) act as bonus spins and multiply the next win. If the wheel stops on a Multiplier segment, then all bets remain in place. No new bets are allowed until the outcome of the next spin is up. If the wheel lands on a Multiplier segment for 2 or more spins in a row, the multipliers stack.

You can choose multiple numbers to bet on before each spin.

Dream Catcher is available 24/7. The optimal RTP is 96.58%, and the max potential payout caps at €500,000.


Evolution Gaming sure knows how to throw a show. The Dream Catcher was named Digital Game of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards 2017 and quickly after its release became a fan-favorite. The simplicity and the casual vibe are inviting, the addition of Multipliers amps up the excitement, and the set also gets a makeover from time to time to fit a holiday or a theme, which is a nice touch. Check out CasinoDaddy's big win 20 to 1 with an x7 multiplier.

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