Machine Learning & Casino Games

We are a small dedicated team based in Stockholm, the home of iGaming innovation. With over 10+ years of experience in the biggest iGaming companies and a big interest in Twitch we truly understand both the challenges and the opportunities.

The Product

Casinolytics provides data on what casino games are being played on Twitch over time and in real-time. Our product gives you as a casino game provider a “smorgardsbord” of data by measuring popularity, reach, trend and engament over time. You can keep track of what streamers are playing right now as well as create custom reports based on aggregated statistics. As an example you can gain valuable insights on your game launches, who is playing your games and much more.

As a result, you will understand how your presence on Twitch impacts your brand, marketing investments and essentially your business performance.

Casinolytics - AI brain

Casinolytics is using state of the art machine learning software to power our AI.

Our Why

We want casino games to be watched and played for the right reasons – only for the pure entertainment, the thrilling excitement and joy that it gives the viewers and players. Either by watching a streamer playing on Twitch or if you are playing yourself. It’s entertainment.

With that said – our passion for casino games, machine learning and influencer marketing made us create Casinolytics. We love what we do and we’re proud of it. Every day we’re driven by our mission to blur the lines between casino streamers, suppliers and operators to create a better iGaming industry.

We believe that with the power of data we can make a difference by keeping track of everything that is happening on Twitch in the world of slots.

Get full insights on your casino games performance on Twitch.

A growing directory of 1800 casino games and streamers Casinolytics analyses casino games in realtime on Twitch. This data is presented so that you can track your slots popularity, reach, trend and engagement. Want to add a game? Make sure to get in touch!

Awareness and reach

Awareness and reach

Get insights on how many potential players you reach and your overall brand awareness is on Twitch.

Engagement and popularity over time

Engagement and popularity over time

Get all the data on how popular and engaging your casino games are among streamers and their audience.

Gain control on your influencer investments

Gain control on your influencer investments

Get data on when and for how long streamers have played your games to gain control of your influencer investments.


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