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Last year proved that casino streaming is here to stay and will continue to play a vital role in how game providers will get their brands in front of the players. What did happen in 2021 and what can we expect out of 2022?

In this second series of the streamer impact on Crazy Time from Evolution, we will continue down the analysis path and dive deeper into what impact the awareness and popularity among streamers might have had on Evolution as a whole.

It's fair to say that Crazy Time, developed by the industry giant Evolution, is the most successful online casino game show ever. In this article we will dive into what role streamers has had in Crazy Time's success.

The rise of casino streamers in recent years has definitely drawn the attention of the iGaming industry and has now become a natural part of it. What are the criterias that you as a slot provider need to keep in mind when designing slots for streamers?

Casinolytics has become the home of live-streaming data and insights for the growing streaming landscape in the iGaming industry. Much thanks to all our customers that rely on our data to explore, monitor, and understand the live-streaming landscape.

2020 is a year that will be marked down in the history books; we have seen the worst pandemic in modern history,

Ever since the launch of Dead or Alive 2 in 2019 streamers have been longing for a bonus buy feature to get a shortcut in the quest for hitting the famous wild line.

I have been involved in the iGaming industry since 2008 when I first joined NetEnt in the Stockholm office and at the time I had no clue what online casino slots was but it sounded exciting.

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