The story of Casinolytics

I have been involved in the iGaming industry since 2008 when I first joined NetEnt in the Stockholm office and at the time I had no clue what online casino slots was but it sounded exciting.

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After a couple of years I started my own business together with a friend and I was doing the things I was really passioned about, web development and create/test new ideas. We actually created the first QuickSpin website when they had a small apartment as an office here in Stockholm.


In early 2015 I came up with the name Casinolytics and registered the domain name. The initial Casinolytics project ended up in the bin and faded away including the domain which fell into possession of a domain broker.

“The initial project named Casinolytics ended up in the bin…”

Fast forwarding to 2018, at this point I had a bit more interest in slots, watched and playing slots myself and even streamed on Twitch with a friend of mine at the channel KasinoFamiljen. A chill stream in Swedish with no business around it at all, just for pure joy.

In the dark hours of Sweden in the end of 2018 I had an idea, all the games on Twitch have their own category and with this come a lot of valuable metrics, but the Slot (Casino) category does not have this since all casino games are streamed in a single category. Would this be valuable for the iGaming industry and why have this not been done yet?


So I was excited to solve this problem and since 2018 have invested hundreds if not thousands of hours to come up with a good solution both for hosting/infrastructure and how to apply using machine learning for this specific problem.


What about the name? I thought Casinolytics would be a perfect name for this service. Fortunately the domain was still in the hands of a domain broker which I was able to buy back from him for a decent price. To be continued.

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