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The Casinolytics Platform is carefully designed based on deep industry knowledge, using the latest cloud technology and next-generation AI to provide the most accurate live-streaming data for you.

Since we started to track games in 2019, our platform has grown into the most accurate, reliable, and comprehensive data source of live-streamed casino content.

Over the years, we have collected over 30 million data points, which equals a total reach of over 20 billion minutes. Our platform consists of over 1000 selected casino streamers and almost 1000 games from 50 different game providers. And it's growing every day.

Take the step and start exploring, monitoring, and understanding your presence on the live-streaming landscape has on your business.


On an average over
Our AI covers, on average, over 30 000 accurate minutes of live-streamed casino content every day.


New insights on the games you create


That the highest game reach measured during a single day is over 25 million in total viewership.

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The fundamental core of our AI is to detect games on stream to provide you valuable data and insights. You will be able to track your game launches, see trends over time, understand what streamers are loving your games, and monitor your presence in real-time. These are just a few areas on which we believe you can benefit from our services.

As the "future of TV" continuous to shape, we see trends where the marketing landscape is being re-drawn. The movement is real, and B2B brands look towards live-streaming to get their products in front of the end consumer. The problem is that there has been no data until now.

And this is where we come into play. To help you track, monitor, and understand how your games perform in the world of live-streaming.

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Did you know?

That the highest game reach measured during a single day is over 25 million in total viewership.

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The growth of casino streamers


The Slot Rating System is delivered as a data feed on a weekly basis. Plug it into your site and go creative with the new content possibilities.

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The rise of casino streaming has exploded during the past couple of years, and more and more people are enjoying the entertainment it brings. Our platform consists today of selected streamers and new streamers are added on a regular basis.

All streamers on our platform are carefully selected to ensure a real person is behind the stream and that there is a natural interaction between the streamer and the viewers. With the , you will have the opportunity to deep dive into the data of streamers that are playing your games.


Your no1 brand tracker for live-streaming


With the Casinolytics App you will be able to track all your game launches. You will understand its streamers, airtime, reach and more.

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The way we consume entertainment is changing fast, and so is the importance for brands to stay relevant, attractive, and top of mind. According to Twitch, over 1 trillion minutes of entertainment were watched in 2020. Just the Slots section itself had over 10 billion minutes watched.

Allow yourself to stay ahead by utilizing the data and insights provided in our and to increase your knowledge about live-streaming.

Book us in for a today to start your journey in understanding how your brand and products are performing.

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Did you know?

With the Casinolytics App you will be able to track all your game launches. You will understand its streamers, airtime, reach and more.

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How does your technology work?

On average, a casino streamer changes a game every five to ten minutes, making it almost impossible to keep track of what is being streamed by a human. To solve this problem, we developed an AI that tracks game activity on live-streaming platforms and making this data accessible for you.

Games added to our AI

On a regular basis and on-demand new games are trained using machine learning from our self created image library containing over quarter of million images which is the foundation to visually identify games on stream in real-time.

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Streamers on platform

New streamers are continuously added to the platform and during the process we manually review the channel to minimize adding automated live streams.

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Identification of games

Our AI is processing hundreds of images from different streamers every minute. We have set a very high-quality threshold level to identify a game to provide the most accurate data possible.

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Store insights

The data is stored in our time-series databases with different metrics, such as streamers, games, airtime, reach, peak viewers, average viewers, language, and much more. This insight gives you the possibility to fully understand your games and brand performance.

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