Casinolytics Reports

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Our industry-first reports help you to further analyze, evaluate and understand the live-streaming landscape. Depending on what your objectives are we have developed several reports to fill your needs – trend reports, game launch reports, and custom reports based.

Trend Reports

Trends reports are the best way to keep track of the trends in the live-streaming landscape. You will get important insights on what’s trending in the live-streaming scene and to know the top-performing games, streamers, languages, and brands.

Game Launch Reports

Game launch reports are designed to give you access to all the information you need to track your game launch and its performance. You might be new to the live-streaming scene and have done your first campaign and want to measure it – then the game launch report is the perfect solution for you.

Custom Reports

Based on your needs we do create custom reports as well. Perhaps you are an investor having a case that you want to strengthen with further insights and analysis? Or you might want to understand how your brand and product performance has evolved over the past year? Reach out to us here and let us know how you think we can help.


What is Casinolytics?

Casinolytics is an AI-driven company offering the world's first intelligence service providing live-streaming data and insights for game providers, operators, investors, and affiliates who want to excel in their business analysis. With deep industry knowledge and AI, we help our customers to explore, monitor, and understand the growing casino live-streaming landscape.

Is Casinolytics the right choice for me?

Our services are for anyone who wants to understand the live-streaming landscape in more detail and use our insights and data to improve and support their analysis, marketing, brand tracking, investment, and innovation. We see that you could be a game provider, affiliate, operator, investor, analyst, or media. In short, our core offering is data insights that could help you to excel in your respective industries.


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