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The Casinolytics Application is the world’s first analysis application that gives you access to live-streaming data and insights so that you can optimize your brand, marketing, and business insights. You will gain access to fully explore, monitor, measure, analyze and learn from the data to take your business analysis to the next level. The Casinolytics Application is available on both desktop and mobile.


You will know which streamers have played your games and what games are their favorites. You will understand in what languages your games have been streamed and for how long. The Casinolytics Application is a great starting point to take your streaming strategy to the next level.


Monitor and track your brand and game performance on Twitch and Youtube over time and in real-time. Gain access to valuable insights such as streamers, airtime, reach, viewers, and more to understand the impact it has on your business.


Measure the actual effect and awareness of your influencer marketing investments. Until today, there has been no transparent and honest information about what marketing effect and brand engagement your campaigns have. You now have the opportunity to change that.


Analyze your brand and game airtime, reach, and how it impacts your overall business. Discover new trends on how your live-streaming presence influences your game’s performance in terms of new players, number of rounds, and even your estimated game win.


Learn from the trends from the live-streaming landscape on what type of games and features are sticky over time. Streamers are content creators and change their content frequently to be able to stay relevant. Stay ahead of the game by constantly learning to perhaps predict the next big hit.

What are we tracking


The number of unique games from your brand identified on stream.


The number of unique streamers that have been identified playing your games on stream.


The total amount of streamed minutes a single game, provider, and streamer has had when a game has been identified on stream. Airtime translates also into how popular a game is among an individual streamer.


The total viewership in minutes a single game, provider, and streamer has had when a game has been identified on stream. Reach can also be seen as a total brand and product exposure.


The total airtime and reach a game and provider has per language.


The overall performance of a provider is divided into streamers, games, airtime, reach, average viewers, and peak viewers. If you are looking for how your competition is doing, please check out or subscribe to Casinolytics Pro Plus.

Peak Viewers

The highest number of concurrent viewers on a single channel your brand and game has had during a day.

Average Viewers

The average number of viewership per minute on a game, provider, and streamer level.


What is Casinolytics?

Casinolytics is an AI-driven company offering the world's first intelligence service providing live-streaming data and insights for game providers, operators, investors, and affiliates who want to excel in their business analysis. With deep industry knowledge and AI, we help our customers to explore, monitor, and understand the growing casino live-streaming landscape.

How do you track all these metrics?

Our AI and platform are designed to keep track of which game is being played on stream among the selected streamers on our platform. When a game is identified, we store publicly available information from the Twitch and Youtube APIs such as viewers, language, and more during that specific minute. You can read more about the process .

Do you offer competitor analysis and benchmarking data in the Application?

Yes. By subscribing to the Pro+ plan you will access data on the top games, streamers, languages, and how your brand performs against the competition. If you are already on a Pro subscription license, you can upgrade at any time by reaching out to us . If you want to access this information on an ad-hoc basis, check out our .

Can I add a data feed to the Casinolytics Application?

Yes. The is a data feed that is sold as an additional service. If you are a customer with an active subscription license you can at any time upgrade to the Casinolytics Feed to your subscription license by reaching out to us .

Is Casinolytics the right choice for me?

Our services are for anyone who wants to understand the live-streaming landscape in more detail and use our insights and data to improve and support their analysis, marketing, brand tracking, investment, and innovation. We see that you could be a game provider, affiliate, operator, investor, analyst, or media. In short, our core offering is data insights that could help you to excel in your respective industries.


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