Casinolytics Data Feed

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The Casinolytics Data Feed is integrated into your business intelligence software of choice providing a seamless daily data transfer. Take the next step and excel in your business intelligence reporting and analysis by upgrading your Casinolytics Application subscription with the Casinolytics Data Feed.

Enchance your analysis

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and enhance your analysis with live-streaming data. Create custom reports and analysis where you compare game performance data, such as game rounds, game win, new players alongside the live-streaming data to enhance your analysis and reporting.

All data at your fingertips

When using a data feed you will have the latest live-streaming data from your subscription directly in your business intelligence software. This gives you a new level of metrics directly accessible in your software to further evaluate your game launches, game performance, and brand impact over time.


With the Casinolytics Data Feed, you will save time. Don’t put any time into exporting data from the Casinolytics Application and let it automatically be delivered to you. The data will seamlessly be delivered daily into your business intelligence software freeing up some valuable time for you as a company.


Do I need to have an active Casilytics Application subscription to use the Casinolytics Data Feed?

Yes. You will need to have an active 12-month subscription either to the Casinolytics Application or a custom data subscription or to enable the Casinolytics Data Feed.

Do you support all business intelligence systems?

The majority of business intelligence systems have the ability to import data through a data feed. We will customize the integration to meet your needs for a seamless integration and data transfer.

How often is the data feed delivered?

The dataf feed will be delivered daily. We recommend that the data is delivered during the night so that you have all the data accessible in the morning.

Can I buy data only and have a Casinolytics Data Feed?

Yes. If you have custom needs where you find yourself in a situation where you don’t need the Casinolytics Application, we are flexible to grant you a 12-month subscription license to a custom data subscription. Reach out to us and tell us more about the needs your organization has.


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