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Get access to a unique rating system that is created to serve you with unique content for your affiliate or operator sites. The Casinolytics Ratings are delivered on a weekly basis and rates all games on our platform from 1-5 split into four different categories; Popularity, Reach, Engagement, and Trend.

Slot Rating Report

For content creators out there seeking new exciting content to share with your audience, this is the perfect fit. Slot Rating Report is a weekly rating (1-5) of our platform’s 20 best overall performing games delivered as an email report every Monday.

Slot Rating Feed

If you want to fully automate your site content with live-streaming ratings then this is the way forward for you. By enabling Slot Rating Feed you will get ratings (1-5) on the top 100 games on our platform divided by popularity, reach, engagement, and trend sent to you automatically on a daily basis. Give yourself full customization to enable the best content for your users.

What are the different ratings based on?


Popularity is rated by the number of streamers. A higher rank means that more streamers have played a game.


Reach is rated by total viewer minutes. A higher rank means a higher number of total viewer minutes that a game has had.


Engagement is rated by the number of streamed minutes. A higher rank means a higher number of streamed minutes a game has had.


Trend is rated by reach compared to last week. A higher rank means a larger increase of viewer minutes compared to the past week’s game reach.


What is Casinolytics?

Casinolytics is an AI-driven company offering the world's first intelligence service providing live-streaming data and insights for game providers, operators, investors, and affiliates who want to excel in their business analysis. With deep industry knowledge and AI, we help our customers to explore, monitor, and understand the growing casino live-streaming landscape.

Is Casinolytics the right choice for me?

Our services are for anyone who wants to understand the live-streaming landscape in more detail and use our insights and data to improve and support their analysis, marketing, brand tracking, investment, and innovation. We see that you could be a game provider, affiliate, operator, investor, analyst, or media. In short, our core offering is data insights that could help you to excel in your respective industries.


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