Dead or Alive 2 bonus buy feature effect – Hit or Miss?

Ever since the launch of Dead or Alive 2 (NetEnt) in 2019 streamers have been longing for a bonus buy feature to get a shortcut in the quest for hitting the famous wildline. NetEnt has been listening to their fans and on October 20 the highly anticipated bonus buy feature hit the market and we have been watching its performance closely.

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Before we dive into the numbers, let’s just have a quick glance at the streamer community and market trends we are seeing.

Looking at the casino streaming community on Twitch it has been growing rapidly year-over-year with over 140 millions hours watched last 365 days. The statistics also shows us that viewers and potential new players are really starting to enjoy the entertainment value of streamed casino content.

With regulations and bonus restrictions it is becoming clear that reaching players directly is becoming more important than ever for providers. We are clearly seeing a trend the past year where providers are transforming from a pure B2B into a B2B-B2C marketing strategy. Influencer marketing on Twitch has become an important part of providers’ marketing mix today, but as with any marketing activity without direct conversion it’s hard to understand the full impact.

This is where Casinolytics comes into play. We are a small passionate bunch of people with love for new technology and casino games. We are the world’s first casino intelligence platform designed to follow casino game performance on Twitch using AI. We are here to provide data for providers to understand their brand and game performance, popularity and reach on Twitch. But also to get more familiar with the streaming community and find potential new collaborations.

Back to Dead or Alive 2, how did it do then?

We can confidently say that DOA2 smashed it last week on Twitch! 🔥 And the streamers seems to love the new feature! With an increase of +2524% (week-over-week) in total reach and staggering 8 484 887 viewer minutes it totally smashed the ranks climbing 38 spots from 40 to an impressive second place!

DOA2 Performance: October 12-18 vs October 19-26:

  • Unique streamers: 52 vs 96 +46%

  • Airtime (streamed minutes): 612 vs 3 501 +471%

  • Reach (viewer minutes): 323 361 vs 8 484 887 +2524%

One could ask, how would the game have performed if the bonus buy feature would have been in the game from Day 1? It’s a complex question, but it’s nevertheless an interesting move from NetEnt to upgrade an already popular game with a popular feature and seeing it paying off in terms of the gain in popularity among streamers and increased reach on Twitch.

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