Streamer impact on Crazy Time?

It’s fair to say that Crazy Time, developed by the industry giant Evolution, is the most successful online casino game show ever. Perhaps even the most successful single game on an overall level today, slots included. In this article, being the first in a series of two, we will dive into what role streamers has had in Crazy Time’s success.

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Crazy Time was launched in June 2020, and as the days go by, the game show is being populated by more and more players on a global level. As Todd Haushalter, the CPO of Evolution, expressed it: “In Live, the first day is the worst day.” during a podcast with Pierre Lindh at iGaming Next. A statement that also refers to the overall strategy of Evolution, quality over quantity, where the ethos of the company is to make games that live for an extended period of time.

In all fairness, the most critical period has always been the first 30 days of performance for slots, mainly due to the enormous supply of games in the market that need to be populated and given space on the operator lobbies. As with any product, the launch is crucial, regardless of the industry and whether it’s B2B or B2C. But with streamers on Twitch and Youtube, and we see that older games can get revitalized, and generate long-tail that extend for a longer period of time. As an example, in August only 4 out of 10 games with the highest number of watched minutes was released in 2021.

As the future is shaping and everything goes video, from Instagram to Facebook, and the growth of Twitch and Youtube Live, we know for a fact that live-streaming will play an essential role in the future of marketing and the way we consume entertainment.

Let’s go back to the question about Crazy Time. What has caused this massive success? First, it’s a highly entertaining game and the quality is world-class. New market entries, new customers, new partnerships will always play a role. We all know this, but what impact has the streaming community had on the game’s success?

Casino streamers are entertainers who want to please and grow their audience by creating great content. And Crazy Time is doing precisely that. It provides excellent entertainment value for streamers who then transcends that high level of entertainment to their viewers. There is a level of surprise, interaction, and the potential of winning big, which will always please viewers. All game rounds are unique that gives streamers great unique content to stream that is entertaining to watch. It’s the same game, but the outcome is different, which makes it exciting.

The streamer impact

Ever since its launch in June 2020, we have tracked Crazy Time and the numbers are impressive. The game has been consistent on our top chart in reach (watched minutes) and airtime (streamed minutes) and is by far the best performing Evolution game on our platform.

And the numbers are crazy. According to our AI, the game has reached almost 500 million in watched minutes. Meaning Crazy Time has been seen by a potential player over 8 million hours on the other side of the screen. Talk about brand awareness and creating a top-of-mind effect. If we look at the number of streamed minutes, they are equally impressive, with half a million in streamed minutes in total the numbers show that Crazy Time also goes from strength to strength within the streaming community.

“Crazy Time has been seen by a potential player over 8 million hours”

Let’s elaborate a little on these numbers and what they mean. Out of these 500 million minutes in total watchtime, let’s assume and say that a new viewer has seen the game on stream every thousand minutes. That would leave us that through streamers, Crazy Time could have reached the potential of 5 million potential players.

Speaking of players, it gets interesting if you compare live-streaming with TV, banner, and social media advertising to raise brand awareness. With all these marketing methods, you can gain a great reach, but it’s usually hard to determine who sees your advert. With live-streaming, it is an active choice by the viewer to watch their favorite streamer, meaning you are most likely reaching the right target audience – a dream for any marketeer and brand, which makes the numbers even more impressive.

By looking at these numbers, we at Casinolytics are firm in our belief that the success within the streaming community has had a role in the growth and success of Crazy Time.

Make sure to check back in two weeks, when we will share our next article about Crazy Time and look into historical data and the different trends we have identified comparing our data with the Evolution stock price, as an example.

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